Ryan Mrozek

Insurance Consultant
Bearingstar Insurance

Protecting what matters most.

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- Homeowners Insurance
- Renters Insurance
- Auto Insurance
- Umbrella Policies
All consultations include a thorough evaluation of your existing insurance policies.This evaluation serves to determine if a new policy aligns with your specific needs. It's important to note that our consultations are commitment-free, meaning there are no obligations.If, for any reason, I am unable to
assist you in securing a new policy, I will remain dedicated to ensuring that your current policies are in
optimal condition.


You shouldn’t hassle yourself with finding the best insurance coverage… that’s my job!I pride myself in providing tailored solutions to fit your unique needs. When it comes to your home, your
car, or your livelihood, everyone has different needs, so don’t settle for cookie cutter coverage, get the
personalized coverage that you deserve.
As your insurance consultant, I take the time to assess these needs, WITH YOU and do the work to
find you not only coverage that fits your needs, but also fits your budget.
96% of people don’t actually know what they’re covered for… I’ll take the time to make sure you
understand what’s in your policy, how much you’re covered for, and what’s included AND excluded from
coverage, full transparency. I make sure you’re in the 4% of people who know what they’re protected
You can feel confident working with me knowing you will receive first-rate, honest, and reliable
guidance. And remember, Ryan’s got you covered!


I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. For immediate response, feel free to call or text me
at (781) 327-9819.
Thank you!

Thank you

I appreciate you reaching out to me and will respond withing 24 hours!